We Can Do Threads Too!


Threads 1

We are known for our screw-less vises but that doesn’t mean we can’t do threads. One of the improvements we are doing is adding threaded knobs to our handles! This is a little more work for us but it will be worth it. The threaded knobs will end problems with wood movement causing the knob to come loose. Our threads are precisely machined for a very close fit and we have added leather bolsters which serve two purposes. They dampen the hit of the knob against the hub and they help prevent the knob from loosening. We also think they create a very attractive look, especially compared to the previous black O – rings.


Threads 2


Threads 3

The leather bolsters are trapped between the handle shoulder and the knob so they don’t slide around. The knobs have generous radiused ends and are made from hard maple as are the handles.


Threads 4

We have also made some small improvements to the hub. We have added a little bit of material to the nose of the hub to strengthen it and have created a more generous radius on the nose to improve the appearance. The hub will still be made from solid maple.


Threads 5

We think they make a very attractive pair! Please let us know what you think of our new threaded handle and knobs and stay tuned to this blog for further announcements about our new vises.


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