VX21 Leg Vise


  • Quick action patent pending mechanism
  • Three times higher mechanical advantage
  • No grease or oil on clamp shaft
  • Easily removable clamp shaft
  • Ruggedized design
  • Small footprint
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Don’t Compromise! A traditional screw operated vise is a compromise between quick movement of the vise jaw and mechanical advantage. The tradeoff is the use of a 2 tooth per inch (TPI) screw to give a reasonable rate of travel and then have a really long handle to compensate and give you enough mechanical advantage to clamp.

The New Hovarter Custom Vise VX21 does not compromise! You get quick action (as quick as you can slide the jaw against your workpiece) and then simply turn the handle and start clamping with high mechanical advantage. Three times higher mechanical advantage than a 2 TPI screw. Try getting 1100 pounds of force with a 2 TPI screw.

Combine the VX21 leg vise with the X Link scissors parallel guide and get unbeatable performance. Quick action and no bending over to adjust a pin in a guide board. Add a drill guide to the X Link to make drilling deep holes without a drill press easier. You can also customize your Hovarter Custom Leg Vise by adding a round profile polished rim metal handwheel, a turned finish square profile metal handwheel or a very traditional wooden hub and handle. Some customers make their own wooden hub and handle to put a personal touch on the vise.

Over 4 years in development and testing, the VX21 is engineered to be the best! Check out these outstanding features:

VX21 Leg Vise Features

Increased mechanical advantage:

Three times more mechanical advantage vs. 2 tooth per inch screw typical of most other vises. This equates to much greater clamping force with less applied force to the clamp handle. This is great for use with a metal handwheel because it affords less leverage than a long clamp handle. Additional design changes have decreased friction in the mechanism – also increasing mechanical advantage.

Increased clamping force:

The new VX21 vise mechanism has been tested with a force gauge and can easily apply over 1100 pounds of force!

Increased clamp travel:

A quick action vise gives you the best of both worlds by allowing you to quickly position the jaw against the workpiece and then easily apply a high clamping force. Typically, only a small amount of clamp travel is needed but the VX21 has an 88% increase in clamp travel over the previous VX20 leg vise mechanism. Total clamp travel of the VX21 is 3/8”. You’ll never run out of clamp travel.

Decreased package size:

43% decrease in package size with symmetrical design. Allows the mechanism to easily fit into tighter areas. Mounting base footprint of the VX21 is 2-5/8” X 2-5/8”.

Easier assembly:

Clamp shaft is easily removed without dis-assembly of the mechanism yet is retained when the vise is mounted. This makes assembly a breeze if you have issues with clearance to workbench members.

Ruggedized design:

The VX21 has a 66% increase in weight versus the old VX20 while decreasing package size 43%. The increase in weight is due to the increased use of steel and the massive one-piece aircraft grade aluminum anodized housing.

Steel base is electroless nickel plated (ENP) to prevent corrosion and creates a low friction, hard, wear-resistant surface. It also has a stunning appearance.

The mating internal part of the steel base utilizes a steel alloy with low friction properties and natural lubricity.

The aluminum housing is secured to the mounting base with 8 high strength steel socket head cap screws making an incredibly stiff and durable assembly.

New robust clutch system has been painstakingly tested through thousands of clamping cycles and is designed to last a lifetime.

Precision tolerances throughout:

Tight internal tolerances and accurate alignment through the use of precision steel dowel pins create a mechanism with silky smooth lockup and clamping. The accurate alignment creates low clamp shaft drag and very consistent performance.

No lube on clamp shaft:

Just like the old VX20, there is no need to grease or oil the clamp shaft. This keeps your work clean and does not attract dust and dirt.

Patent pending:

All of the various design improvements listed above have necessitated the need for a new patent filing. We believe this is the absolute finest and most robust vise mechanism on the market today!


  • Footprint: 2-5/8” square mounting base.  The housing protrudes 3” from the mounting surface.
  • Maximum jaw opening: 11-3/16” when used with a 1-3/4” thick jaw and a 3” thick leg.
  • Minimum vise jaw thickness required:  1- 3/4″.
  • Mounting: Simply attach to the rear of the bench leg with four #10 screws. Clamp shaft is supported on the front of the leg with a Delrin bearing.
  • Clamping action: Slide jaw against workpiece and clockwise rotation automatically engages quick action with 0.17” movement per rotation of handle.  Maximum clamp shaft travel is 3/8”.
  • Maximum force output: 1100 pounds force. Limited by handle strength. Mechanism is capable of higher force output.
  • Clamp shaft dimensions: 1” diameter X 20 – 1/4″ long. Clamp shaft is removable but is fully retained in housing when installed.
  • Clamp shaft material: Steel, carbonitrided for a hard corrosion resistant finish. Precision press straightened.
  • Clamp shaft handle mounting method: All handles or handwheels mounted with stainless steel quick release pin through cross hole in the end of clamp shaft.
  • Lubrication: None required. Keep the clamp shaft clean with alcohol.
  • Finish: Corrosion proof anodized aircraft aluminum housing combined with steel electroless nickel plated (ENP) mounting base. Stunningly beautiful, and will stay that way.
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 7 in
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