New Rack Bar



The improved face vise will feature a new rack bar which will replace the old style transfer bar. This is just the bar that connects the two vise mechanisms. The new rack bar is actually two separate parts joined together with slots and bolts. This arrangement allows the rack bar to adjust infinitely to whatever clamp shaft center to center spacing you have. Additionally, this adjustability allows the two clamping mechanisms to be very precisely synchronized for very quick clamping action. It also allows each individual clamp assembly to be installed alone without a cumbersome transfer bar to deal with. One other smaller benefit is in shipping. Being able to reduce the size of the packaging will result in lower shipping costs.

As much as I would have liked to have just one size rack bar that fits all, it just was not feasible. The rack bar will be available in three sizes; long, medium and short. The long size will allow center to center spacing of 22 to 25 inches. The medium size will allow center to center spacing of 19 to 21-15/16” and the short size will cover spacing from 16 to 18-15/16”.

The YouTube video in the following link shows the rack bar in more detail and also shows the new wooden threaded handle and knobs.



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