The VX21 Leg Vise Has a Cousin!

A while back we released the VX21 leg vise and now we introduce the leg vises cousin; The VX21 wagon vise. The new VX21 wagon vise has been updated with all the great features of the VX21 leg vise with some additional improvements just for the wagon vise.

Installing or removing the VX21 wagon vise will be very easy because the clamp shaft is removable. The clamp shaft can be installed or removed by pulling it straight out of the end cap. This will be a great feature to have when making final adjustments to the dog block fit or alignment.

One of the best new features of the VX21 wagon vise is an innovative method of securely attaching the wooden dog block to the wagon vise mechanism.

VX21 Wagon Vise With Pin and Bolt Dog Block Mounting System

The VX21 wagon vise uses a new pin an bolt system for securely mounting the dog block to the wagon vise mechanism. This system uses a front pin mounted in a precision hole in the vise mechanism and a rear pin mounted in a precision slot in the vise mechanism. The use of a pin and slot allows very close tolerances on the metal components while allowing some wiggle room on the wooden parts. The pins easily press into 1/4″ diameter drilled hole in the wooden dog block. The block is then secured to the vise mechanism with two 1/4″ bolts. This method creates a very rigid attachment that is easy to create and will easily transfer the clamping forces from the wooden dog block into the vise mechanism.

The VX21 wagon vise size is decreased 23% from the previous wagon vise version. It requires a smaller cavity under the bench for operation. And just like the leg vise it has 3 times more clamping force than a typical screw operated vise and 83% more clamping travel than our previous wagon vise.

The new VX21 wagon vise mounts in a similar way as the previous wagon vise. The rear of the shaft is supported by a beefy pillow block bearing mounted to the bottom of the benchtop and the front is supported by a bearing mounted to the end cap. The clamping force of the vise is transferred to the end cap through a steel shaft collar and thrust washers.

We think the VX21 wagon vise is the best wagon vise on the market today and is the only quick action wagon vise on the market. Get yours today!

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