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We have been busy at work in the research and development laboratory at Hovarter Custom Vise. We are so far along in the development of some exciting new products that we have decided to stop producing the old version of the face vise and wagon vise to give us time to begin producing the new versions. Although we can’t disclose all of the details of the new vises we can give you some general information.

Face Vises: The quick action function of the face vises will remain the same. The installation will be simplified even more and new improvements will make adjustment very easy. The face vise hardware will be sold separately from the handle because a hand wheel will now be an option. The force required to turn the hand wheel will be reduced for ease of use. The wooden hub and hand wheels will also feature quick release pins to allow the vise jaw to be easily removed if desired.

Wagon Vise: The wagon vise quick action feature will remain the same. Installation will also be simplified as well as adjustments. One of the biggest changes is the footprint of the vise. The new wagon vise will occupy 75% less area than the old vise! This will make it easier if you would like to recess the vise into the bench top. Additionally, the new wagon vise will have options of the wooden hub and handle or a hand wheel that will match the larger face vise or VX20 hand wheel.

For both vises we have developed ways to reduce shipping costs to you. Although not as exciting as the vise improvements, we are always looking for ways to reduce the cost to the consumer.

There are many other new things coming but we don’t want to spoil the surprise! Keep an eye on this blog for additional information and unveiling of these new products!

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