More Moravian….

We have have had a great response for our new Moravian leg vise hardware and X Link. So many requests that we ran out of our first prototype run of parts and are now making more. The Moravian leg vise is our original leg vise hardware with an integral front bearing added to it which allows the X Link to be tucked up close to the clamp shaft to take up the minimum amount of space.

The round bearing fits into a pocket drilled into the back of the leg vise mounting board. The mounting board will have tenons on the top and bottom that engage in mortises in the bottom of the bench top and the top of the stretcher. Below is a model of the back of the mounting board showing the counter-bore where the vise hardware will mount.

The front side of the mounting block includes the mortise for the X Link as shown below.

The Moravian X Link is about 2″ shorter than the original X Link and because it is shorter I was able to make it 0.1″ narrower in width. The finished prototype part is shown below.

The Vise jaw is shown in a model below. If you are interested in the Moravian vise hardware please send me an email. Soon we will add the hardware kit to the order page.

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