Leg Vise

The New Cheetah™ Leg Vise – Fast, Agile, Sleek and Powerful

When I developed the VX21 quick action hardware I also wanted to upgrade the parallel guide system. The X Link system is good, but I wanted something that was easier to install and did not require adjusting or toe-in like a scissors type guide. I played around with a few designs that locked a lower […]

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We Were Wrong

When we designed and developed the VX20 leg vise hardware we thought this is it. It doesn’t get any better. This is one instance where it is good to be wrong! Our R&D department, working in conjunction with the engineering and manufacturing departments has been busy with a new concept that began about 4 years

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Moravian Bench X Link

I have received many requests for a leg vise and X Link scissors parallel guide that will work with a Moravian bench. Some of you may be wondering what a Moravian bench is. The Moravians were a settlement of German speaking Protestants in what is now known as Winston-Salem North Carolina. There is a workbench

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