New Products! Turned Rim Handwheels.

We have added some new handwheels to further allow you to customize your woodworking vise. These new handwheels have a square profile with a very nicely finished turned profile. They have a very nice feel in the hand. The large one is 8″ diameter and is for use with the leg or face vise. The smaller one is 6″ diameter and is for use with the wagon vise. The smaller diameter will keep the handwheel below the top of the bench.

These handwheels are made in the U.S. and are very high quality. As a bonus they are slightly less expensive than the original round profile handwheels. They mount to the clamp shaft in the same way as the round profile handwheels. We have you covered whether you are in the mood for round or square, polished or turned.

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