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There will be some very minor changes to the VX 20 between the vise shown and the production unit. The mounting will change from four ¼” lag screws to four #10 pan head wood screws. For this application the lag screws are overkill and the #10 screws will package better and be easier to install. I am considering changing the color of the housing to black instead of the gold and adding the Hovarter Custom Vise logo to the housing in white letters. If you have an opinion on the housing color I would like to hear it.

Here are some additional specifications on the VX 20:

The mounting base is 3” wide by 4” long and the housing is approximately 2-1/2” high. The maximum jaw opening is 11-3/16” when used with a 1-3/4” thick jaw and a 3” thick leg. The carburized and hardened steel clamp shaft is designed to be fully retracted flush with a minimum 3” thick bench leg. The 20-1/4” long clamp shaft may be lubricated if desired. A coating of wax will help prevent corrosion and improve the sliding action. The clamp shaft is retained by the housing and can’t be removed without dis-assembly of the housing. The vise mechanism provides clamping action similar to a 4 thread per inch screw and will provide high clamping forces for a minimal force input to the handle.

The vise is virtually maintenance free. The totally enclosed housing prevents dust and dirt from entering. The aircraft grade anodized aluminum housing will not corrode and the machine screws which hold the housing together are stainless steel to prevent corrosion. All internal wear parts are constructed from steel for long life. If any maintenance or cleaning is ever required the housing can be simply removed by un-screwing the four Phillips head machine screws.

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