Introducing the VX 20

The VX 20 is the culmination of years of development work to produce a robust, economical quick action leg vise that is also simple to install. This versatile vise mechanism can also be made into a quick action face vise or be used just as you would use a conventional vise screw and nut. The VX 20 is constructed from aircraft grade anodized aluminum, steel and stainless steel to provide a lifetime of service.

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To install the VX 20 simply drill holes through the bench leg and vise jaw and screw the housing assembly to the back of the leg. A Delrin bearing is screwed into a counter-bore in the front of the leg. The vise handle is attached to the shaft with a quick release pin which allows the jaw to be removed entirely in seconds. The pin system also allows you to select either a wooden hub and handle or a metal hand wheel to customize your vise. Other options are in development and will be introduced at a later date.


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Perhaps the greatest feature of this vise will be the price. The VX 20 vise assembly will start at $140.00! The hand wheel or wooden hub will be sold separately to allow the consumer to fully customize the vise. Please check back often to see the latest developments and look for a pre – order discount!

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