VX 20 Vise With Ancora Yacht Service Chain



Jim Ritter from Ancora Yacht Service has installed his chain mechanism with the VX 20 vise and it works really well! Jim produced a YouTube video showing how it works. Here is the link: VX 20 with Ancora Yacht Service Chain

In Jim’s video the VX 20 is shown with a wooden hub and handle and the housing rotated to allow the chain to be as close to the clamp shaft as possible. I plan to offer a VX 20 specifically for the chain mechanism which will allow the wooden hub and handle to be oriented vertically when in the un-clamped state. I am going to provide Jim with the metal hand wheel as soon as I can get them in. I have a feeling the hand wheel option will be pretty popular.

I just received my own chain mechanism shown above which I will build using the VX 20. I can’t wait to see it in action for myself! The machining on the parts in Jim’s kit is excellent and all of the fasteners are high quality. It is obvious he has put a lot of time in designing the chain mechanism. Please check out his website to find out more:  Anchora Yacht Service Website


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