New Slotted Bearing for VX20F Face Vise


We have added the new slotted bearings for the VX20F face vise. The slotted bearings are an option to make it easy to create a close fitting slot to help reduce vertical racking with the VX20F face vise.  Vertical racking occurs when you clamp your work above the clamp shafts. If the clamp shafts fit very loosely to the front jaw then the jaw will try to pivot out at the top creating poor clamping. When you clamp work fully through the jaws then vertical racking is not an issue. You can use a router with a micro adjust fence to create a close fitting slot in your front jaw or you can purchase the optional slotted bearings that have a precision slot machined for you. As an added benefit the slotted bearings protrude above the face of the jaw by 1/16″ and create a very low friction surface.

The slotted bearings mount into a 2-1/2″ diameter counter-bore in the front jaw. This is the same size as the counter-bore that is used with the bearings mounted in the rear jaw. The slotted bearing may be used with the metal hand wheel, wooden hub and handle or single handle cap as shown below. When used with the wooden hub and handle the slotted bearings are practically invisible.




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