NEW! Series 2 Twin Handle Face Vise


Based on customer feedback we have made some major improvements to the twin handle face vise. The improvements were numerous enough to warrant a new name; Series 2. Most of the improvements relate to ease of assembly and installation and a few improve performance.


            The first change is a change to the mounting features of the housings. The series 2 housings have a close fitting hole in one of the front mounting ears and a close fitting slot in the other mounting ear. The two rear slots have been replaced by two oversize holes. This configuration allows the housings to be precisely located while allowing for significant wood movement. The housings can handle wood expansion or contraction of over 3/16”. The mounting features also allow the use of a template to layout the mounting holes in the bench top which greatly speeds installation.

             The second change is that the vise assemblies will be shipped almost completely assembled. The housing will have all parts assembled except for the wedge and bridge which are simply installed in the housings to set up the clamping direction.

Complete Series 2 Vise Hardware Kit

             The third change is the addition of a cam stop located on the transfer bar to replace the stop washer and screw. The main drawback of the stop screw and washer is the inability to easily adjust it after assembly. The cam stop comes pre-assembled on the transfer bar and is very easily adjusted using the included hex key wrench.


Cam Stop


             The fourth change is the addition of a delrin plain bearing which mounts into the rear vise jaw. The holes in the rear jaw are precisely located using an included marking gauge. The plain bearings slide into the holes drilled into the rear jaw and are held in place with retainers screwed into the rear jaw. The additional plain bearings help stabilize the clamp shafts and significantly reduce the force required to move the front jaw by better distributing the weight on the front and rear plain bearings.

Flanged Bearing and Retainer

             The final and biggest change is the addition of metal flanges which mount into the front jaw of the vise. The flanges are designed to allow for wood movement and minor misalignment of the clamp shafts. The construction of the front jaw is greatly simplified. You just drill two 1-3/4” diameter holes and mount the flanges in the front jaw with a couple of screws. The flanges also stiffen the front jaw assembly considerably.

Flange Installed in Jaw


            The series 2 vise will appear on the order page in the very near future. For a limited time the series 2 will be sold at the same price as the original vise. The lead time on the new vise will be approximately 4 weeks.


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  1. CWO3 Shannon Beaman USMC

    Looking forward to adding your fine tools to my Roubo I’m building. Have the lumber stickered in my shop loft now and just waiting for my birthday to tell my wife that I want the hardware. Have it in the basket already 🤪. Choosing you over benchcrafted because I vote with my dollar and want to support small businesses and innovation. Keep up the good work brother!

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