Monthly Archives - December 2015

Additional Information on the VX20W Wagon Vise

I have received many comments and questions about our new wagon vise. This might turn out to be our most popular vise! The dog block for the VX20W vise mechanism simply bolts to the side with four 1/4" diameter hex head cap screws that are counter-bored into the dog block. It is designed for a 1-3/4" thick dog block but a thinner dog block may be used if you substitute shorter bolts (the dog block pictured is 1-3/8" thick). A [...]

Say Hello To The New VX20W Wagon Vise

  We are really excited to show the first images of the new VX20W quick action wagon vise. I wish this new vise was not hidden under the bench because I think it looks pretty cool! We have made a lot of refinements and improvements with this new vise. The housing is very small and is totally enclosed to keep the sawdust out.   The four bolts protruding from the side of the housing are used to mount the wooden dog block [...]