Face Vise | Bench Vise (Twin Screw Vise Alternative)

Face Vise | Bench Vise (Twin Screw Vise Alternative)


  • Quick action patented release handle
  • No oil or grease needed
  • Rack free clamping
  • Clear drop through, clamping up to 24″
  • Metal or wooden handle options
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Traditional twin screw vises excel at clamping wide work upright between the screws without racking. Unfortunately each screw needs to be turned independently to clamp the work. Chain operated twin screw vises have been around for a long time and help solve that problem but they do require a lot of cranking for gross adjustments and the chain operation is not always smooth and precise. The Face Vise can solve this.

TheVX20F face vise has a very quick action and clamps firmly in approximately one quarter turn of the clamp handle. It is the only quick action twin shaft vise on the market and the unique design operates without screws or chains! The vise has the appearance of a traditional wooden twin screw vise but will allow you to spend less time cranking a vise in and out. It is customizable to meet your needs. The clamp shaft to clamp shaft spacing can be made between 16” and 25” allowing the vise to replace an existing vise or to be used at the end of the bench as an end vise (the maximum stock width that will fit between the clamp shafts is 1 inch less than the clamp shaft center spacing). The VX20F is sold as a hardware kit, the handles and other options are sold separately. We offer your choice of metal hand wheel or wooden hub and handle, both come with a quick release pin to allow you to quickly remove your vise jaw if desired. You may also construct your own handles. You may also configure the VX20F as a single handle vise if desired. Simply order your choice of hand wheel or wooden hub and order the single handle cap. The single handle option is a good choice for narrower vises where the two handles could interfere with each other or if you just prefer a single handle.

Face Vise Advantages:

  • Quick release and engage. Simply slide the jaw against your work and turn either clamp handle ¼ turn.
  • No racking or sagging – operates without lubrication on the clamp shafts – your work stays clean.
  • Traditional appearance with smooth precise action. Available in single or twin handle configuration.
  • Infinite clamp shaft center distances from 16 to 25”.

The Face Vise VX20F hardware kit includes:

  • 2 – Fully assembled VX20F vise hardware assemblies with hardened steel clamp shafts.
  • 2 – Black Delrin front bearings.
  • 2 – Shaft collars.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Comprehensive instructions via PDF download from the instructions page.
  • Custom width clamp shaft center to center spacing – select from the pull down menu above when you order.

Ordered Separately:

  • Metal hand wheel.
  • Wooden hub and handle.
  • Single handle cap.
  • Slotted bearing for front jaw.

Patent Pending. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Vise jaws not included. Shipping weight 18 pounds.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 7 in
Clamp Shaft Center-to-Center Distance

16 to 18-15/16 inches, 19 to 21-15/16 inches, 22 to 25 inches

1 review for Face Vise | Bench Vise (Twin Screw Vise Alternative)

  1. I purchased the VX20F face vise in March of 2016 and installed it on my 21st Century Workbench (R. Lang). The VX20F vise mechanisms are delivered assembled with the clamp shafts installed. Installation onto my WB involved some layout, drilling & mounting the clamp assemblies. The instructions provided were thorough & accurate. I added some strips of thin cork to my vise chop for added grip. I installed the VX20F 25″ O/C & have 9.5″ of open capacity. The ability to quick-release this vise is key for me.

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Unlike traditional screw operated vises the VX20F face vise utilizes two smooth steel shafts which slide in and out of housings screwed to the bottom of the workbench. The clamp shafts protrude through the moveable vise jaw and attach to the customers choice of hand wheel or wooden hub and handle. When unclamped the front vise jaw is free to quickly move in and out to adjust to the width of work which needs to be secured. The rotation of one shaft is transferred to the other shaft by a flat steel bar which slides against the bottom of the bench top. Small racks mounted to the ends of the bar engage pinions located on both clamp shafts in the housings. When one handle is turned the rack and pinion transfers the motion to other handle through the transfer bar so it also turns. It is very similar to the rack and pinion steering used in many cars.

Clamping is accomplished by an amazingly simple mechanism. A unique helical cam and a precision disk clutch couples the clamping action in the two housings and allows the smooth shafts to clamp when turned, in effect creating a screw – less screw.The clamp shafts are pushed rearward, with great mechanical advantage, by the clutch action against the helical ramp of the cam. To clamp your work you simply slide the front vise jaw against the work piece and rotate the clamp handle to apply as much pressure as you would like, just like a screw. There are no levers or releases and either handle may be used to clamp or unclamp.

The VX20F face vise utilizes a very high mechanical advantage clamping action similar to a 7 tooth per inch(TPI) screw. Traditional vises do not use a TPI greater than 4 because it would take too long to crank in and out. Since the VX20F is a quick action vise the higher TPI is not a problem. The higher TPI reduces the hand appled force to clamp the work and allows the vise to work exceptionally well with metal hand wheels.

The VX20F vise hardware is made in the USA using the finest materials. The housings are made from aircraft grade aluminum for strength and then precision CNC machined and anodized. The clamp shafts are made from one inch cold drawn steel, machined, carbonitrided, straightened and then polished. The clamp shafts travel in Acetal plain bearings for low friction and long wear (Acetal is an engineering plastic developed for high speed and high load uses in a wide range of industrial applications. It is known by the trade name “Delrin”).  All the other mechanism parts are made of high strength steel.  The motion between the two housings is transferred by a unique steel bar that can be infinitely adjusted to provide precise movement.  This vise is designed to be used by your Great Grandchildren.