A New Tool Added to the Hovarter Custom Vise Arsenal


I frequently use a utility knife in my day to day life and more often than not I must go on a search mission to find it when it is needed. Often I find it in or near our shipping department which is run by my wife. I decided to tackle this problem head on so I decided to head off to the local home center and buy another knife. My current utility knife is a basic solid handled retractable blade model with a nice rubber grip. I have had it for quite a while so I have not shopped for a knife in quite a while and was very surprised at the wide variety available. I ended up selecting a Milwaukee Fastback Compact Flip utility knife. I picked this model because I liked the styling and I thought its smaller size would fit my wife’s hand better.


After I got this knife home I had a real hard time handing it over to my wife. The knife opens quickly by depressing a button with the thumb and flicking the blade out. The locking mechanism seems to hold very well. The metal blade holder is very finely finished and features a nice quick blade change button. This knife also has a metal belt clip to allow for convenient carrying. This is a no frills, light and thin knife which I like. Milwaukee makes several other models if you like blade storage, gut hooks wire strippers and larger sized knives. Overall this is a well-made tool with a great price of $8.99. I did finally hand it over to my wife….now I have to head back to the store and get one for me.



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