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The VX21 Leg Vise Has a Cousin!

A while back we released the VX21 leg vise and now we introduce the leg vises cousin; The VX21 wagon vise. The new VX21 wagon vise has been updated with all the great features of the VX21 leg vise with some additional improvements just for the wagon vise. Installing or removing the VX21 wagon vise will be very easy because the clamp shaft is removable. The clamp shaft can be installed or removed by pulling it straight out of the [...]

Grease is the Word…. If You Want Your Leg, Wagon or Face Vise to Operate Smoothly!

The clamp shaft of the vises does not require any lubrication to operate smoothly. The internal mechanism however, does need grease for smooth operation. Our vises are built using an NLGI #2 extreme pressure grease. This same high-quality grease is now available for you to purchase in a convenient 0.5-ounce container that you can keep near your vise. Grease is widely available at home centers and auto parts stores but you typically have to purchase a tube (used in [...]