Wagon Vise | End Vise | Tail Vise

Wagon Vise | End Vise | Tail Vise


  • Quick action patented release handle
  • Easy installation
  • Traditional appearance
  • Metal or wooden handle options
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The VX20W Wagon Vise features quick action and is designed to operate in either a 3/4″ or a 1-3/4″ wide slot in the bench top. The narrow slot provides good support for the work piece and allows the bench top to remain strong. The wider 1-3/4″ slot allows work to be clamped between the end of the dog block and the end of the slot. Regardless of the slot width the combination of long travel and quick action allows the bench dog holes to be much further apart than a conventional wagon vise. The vise is easy to install and just requires a slot in the bench top and an end cap securely fastened to the end of the bench.   The vise will operate in bench top thicknesses from a minimum of 2″. 

For smooth clamping operation the thrust load from clamping is transferred through a  thrust bearing and into the bench end cap. The bench cap should be securely fastened to the bench top with bolts and barrel nuts or other similar means to handle the clamping forces The other end of the clamp shaft is secured with a Delrin bearing  mounted to a metal bracket. The wooden dog block is secured to vise mechanism with 4 bolts. 

The vise mechanism will come completely assembled and installation should be straightforward and reasonably quick. Included in the wagon vise hardware kit will be the vise mechanism, rear mounting bracket and bearing, heavy duty thrust collar, oil impregnated bronze thrust bearing, front shaft bearing and mounting hardware. You fabricate and supply the end cap, dog and bench top.

Sold separately:

  • Wooden hub and handle.
  • Metal hand wheel – 5″ diameter.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 7 in

Black, Blue, Indigo


Large, Medium, Small


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The VX20F wagon vise uses the same basic mechanism as the VX20 leg vise. The shaft is mounted to the bench top with  bearings on both ends with the shaft protruding  through a hole in the bench end cap. The shaft is restrained from sliding but is allowed to freely rotate. A wooden dog block is securely mounted to the side of the VX20W with four cap screws and extends up to bench top height.  When the vise is in the unclamped position the mechanism is allowed to freely slide on the clamp shaft  This allows the dog to be quickly positioned against the work piece. Once the dog is placed against the work piece the clamp handle is rotated and the clutch begins to grip the clamp shaft. Further rotation of the clamp handle causes the housing to apply more clamping pressure until the work piece is firmly gripped between the dogs. When the clamp handle is returned to the unclamped position the clutch releases the clamp shaft and the housing is free to move once again. Additionally work may be gripped between the end of the slot in the bench top and the dog block.

The Hovarter Custom Wagon Vise is made in the USA using the finest materials and processes. The housing precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for an attractive appearance and long life. The clamp shaft is made from one inch cold drawn steel, machined, heat treated, straightened and then polished. The shaft travels in Acetal plain bearings for low friction and long wear (Acetal is an engineering plastic developed for high speed and high load uses in a wide range of industrial applications. It is known by the trade name “Delrin”).  All the other mechanism parts are made of steel.  This vise is designed to be used by your Great Grandchildren.