Leg Vise


  • Quick action patented release handle
  • No oil or grease needed
  • Metal or wooden handle options
  • Add X Link to eliminate the lower pin board creating the ultimate quick action leg vise
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The VX 20 Leg Vise is a versatile, economical patented quick action vise mechanism that may be used as a leg vise or can also be made into a quick action face vise or be used just as you would use a conventional vise screw and nut. The VX 20 is simply installed by drilling holes through the bench leg or apron and mounting with wood screws. A Delrin bearing is screwed into a counter-bored hole in the front of the bench leg or apron and supports the weight of the vise jaw.

The Leg Vise handle is attached to the shaft with a quick release pin which allows the jaw to be removed entirely in seconds. The pin system also allows you to select either a wooden hub and handle or a metal hand wheel to customize your vise. The hand wheel or wooden hub is sold separately to allow the consumer to fully customize the vise.


Mounting base: 3” wide X 4” high.  The housing protrudes 2-1/2” from the mounting surface.

Maximum jaw opening: 11-3/16” when used with a 1-3/4” thick jaw and a 3” thick leg.

Minimum leg thickness to allow flush retraction of clamp shaft:  3”.

Clamp shaft length: 20 – 1/4″ – fully retained in housing.

Clamping action: Clockwise rotation with force equal to a 4 TPI (threads per inch) screw.  Maximum clamp shaft travel is 1/4”.

Minimum vise jaw thickness required:  1- 3/4″.

Lubrication: The clamp shaft may be lubricated if desired. Paste wax is recommended to keep work piece from being soiled. The internal mechanism is lubricated with grease.

Vise jaw retention: Steel shaft collar tightened with 5/32” hex key wrench.

Included parts:

VX 20 vise mechanism with mounting screws.

Delrin bearing with mounting screws.

Shaft collar with 5/32” hex key wrench and constraint washer.

PLEASE NOTE: X Link, wooden hub and handle or large metal hand wheel sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 7 in


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