VX 20 Vise With Ancora Yacht Service Chain

  Jim Ritter from Ancora Yacht Service has installed his chain mechanism with the VX 20 vise and it works really well! Jim produced a YouTube video showing how it works. Here is the link: VX 20 with Ancora Yacht Service Chain In Jim's video the VX 20 is shown with a wooden hub and handle and the housing rotated to allow the chain to be as close to the clamp shaft as possible. I plan to offer a VX 20 specifically [...]

Help! My Scissors are Bending!

The above patent illustration is from a May 13, 1845 patent by W.H. Taylor and A.P. Norton of Waterville, NY. I guess the guys in the mid Nineteenth century didn’t like to bend over to adjust a pin either. Scissors mechanisms have been around for a very long time in various forms and have found their way into many household items. The application of a scissors mechanism (sometimes referred to as St. Peters Cross) to a leg vise presents [...]

Contact page email now working

We finally have the contact page email working. If you have sent an email through the contact page on the website recently and have not received a reply please re-send your message as our email was not working properly. Sorry for the problem, we are not ignoring you!

More About the VX 20

  There will be some very minor changes to the VX 20 between the vise shown and the production unit. The mounting will change from four ¼” lag screws to four #10 pan head wood screws. For this application the lag screws are overkill and the #10 screws will package better and be easier to install. I am considering changing the color of the housing to black instead of the gold and adding the Hovarter Custom Vise logo to the [...]

Introducing the VX 20

The VX 20 is the culmination of years of development work to produce a robust, economical quick action leg vise that is also simple to install. This versatile vise mechanism can also be made into a quick action face vise or be used just as you would use a conventional vise screw and nut. The VX 20 is constructed from aircraft grade anodized aluminum, steel and stainless steel to provide a lifetime of service. See Video Here To install the VX [...]

Forces in a Leg Vise

For as long as I can remember I have always read about the remarkable clamping force generated by leg vises. When I began to design leg vises I found out that this is not necessarily the case. If you think I am going to start bad mouthing leg vises you are wrong. I like leg vises but you need to understand the shortcomings and not overlook their faults. I like to understand all the forces involved in the leg [...]

Use the (Vise) Force Luke

My youngest son Luke never tires of my use of phrases from Star Wars. “Use the force Luke” is my favorite. I sometimes modify the phrases a little bit to suit the shop environment like, “Use the clamp force Luke.” or “Use the vise force Luke.” Luke doesn’t think a lot about forces generated by the vises in the shop. Do you ever wonder how much force is exerted by a screw operated vise on a work piece? My [...]

Series 2 Single Handle Face Vise

The new Series 2 single handle vise is identical to the Series 2 twin handle vise except it uses a single handle and has an anodized aluminum flange and cover.  The Single handle vise has all the same features as the twin handle and also comes partially assembled. The order page will be updated soon and for a limited time will be offered at the same price as the original single handle vise. The vise pictured below is a [...]

Sneak Peak – Wagon Vise Hand Wheel

I have had numerous requests for a metal handwheel for the wagon vise and have experimented with various sizes and materials from 5" to 8" in diameter, from polished aluminum to rough finished cast iron. I have found that the 5" diameter seems to be about the right size and the polished aluminum has a very attractive appearance plus it is relatively corrosion free. What I have finally selected is a 5" diameter dished aluminum handwheel with a highly polished [...]

NEW! Series 2 Twin Handle Face Vise

  Based on customer feedback we have made some major improvements to the twin handle face vise. The improvements were numerous enough to warrant a new name; Series 2. Most of the improvements relate to ease of assembly and installation and a few improve performance.               The first change is a change to the mounting features of the housings. The series 2 housings have a close fitting hole in one of the front mounting ears and a close fitting slot in [...]