Contact page email now working

Contact page email now working

We finally have the contact page email working. If you have sent an email through the contact page on the website recently and have not received a reply please re-send your message as our email was not working properly. Sorry for the problem, we are not ignoring you!

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  • Gary Christiansen

    Thanks so much for sending back my repaired leg vise and tail vises!!! I’m finally about to finish my hard maple workbench! I still am missing the 2 metal pins that go through the front vise leg and for the pin that goes through the chop. If you could send these to me at my expense I’d surely appreciate it so much, you’ve been so helpful all the way through!!!

    Let me know how to pay you for the pins and for the shipping.
    Thanks again,
    Gary Christiansen

    August 1, 2022 at 12:26 am

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