Monthly Archives - August 2014

VX 20 Vise Now Available For Pre – Order!

Pre - order the VX 20 vise now and save $10.00! This special will only be offered for a limited time so hurry. The metal hand wheel and wooden hub with handle have also been added to the product line up. The pre - order vises will be shipped on a first come first served basis. We plan on having vises ready for shipment in early October. When the pre - order period is over the price will rise [...]

VX 20 Vise With Ancora Yacht Service Chain

  Jim Ritter from Ancora Yacht Service has installed his chain mechanism with the VX 20 vise and it works really well! Jim produced a YouTube video showing how it works. Here is the link: VX 20 with Ancora Yacht Service Chain In Jim's video the VX 20 is shown with a wooden hub and handle and the housing rotated to allow the chain to be as close to the clamp shaft as possible. I plan to offer a VX 20 specifically [...]

Help! My Scissors are Bending!

The above patent illustration is from a May 13, 1845 patent by W.H. Taylor and A.P. Norton of Waterville, NY. I guess the guys in the mid Nineteenth century didn’t like to bend over to adjust a pin either. Scissors mechanisms have been around for a very long time in various forms and have found their way into many household items. The application of a scissors mechanism (sometimes referred to as St. Peters Cross) to a leg vise presents [...]

Contact page email now working

We finally have the contact page email working. If you have sent an email through the contact page on the website recently and have not received a reply please re-send your message as our email was not working properly. Sorry for the problem, we are not ignoring you!