Monthly Archives - October 2012

Sneak Peak – Wagon Vise Hand Wheel

I have had numerous requests for a metal handwheel for the wagon vise and have experimented with various sizes and materials from 5" to 8" in diameter, from polished aluminum to rough finished cast iron. I have found that the 5" diameter seems to be about the right size and the polished aluminum has a very attractive appearance plus it is relatively corrosion free. What I have finally selected is a 5" diameter dished aluminum handwheel with a highly polished [...]

NEW! Series 2 Twin Handle Face Vise

  Based on customer feedback we have made some major improvements to the twin handle face vise. The improvements were numerous enough to warrant a new name; Series 2. Most of the improvements relate to ease of assembly and installation and a few improve performance.               The first change is a change to the mounting features of the housings. The series 2 housings have a close fitting hole in one of the front mounting ears and a close fitting slot in [...]