Woodworking in America

Hovarter vise on cnc router table

Woodworking in America

We had a great time at WIA. This was our first trade show and it was a very good experience. I had the opportunity to personally meet a lot of the Popular Woodworking staff and Christopher Schwarz who had a booth across the hall from us. The Hovarter Custom Vise is featured in Chris’s book, “The Workbench Design Book”. Chris is a great guy and it was a pleasure to meet him.


We had two benches at the show. One was outfitted with a big twin handle face vise and a leg vise and the other bench had a wagon vise and a brand new shoulder vise. I am really excited about the shoulder vise. We barely got it ready for the show and plan to show it in a future post. We also had a small single handle face vise mounted on a board like a Moxon vise to demonstrate the operation of the vise.

Keep an eye out for future posts on some new products that were introduced at Woodworking in America.

Woodworking show

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